Share register and custody account for investors in unlisted companies

eAandelenregister provides a free custody account of unlisted shareholdings (with company share registers as a basis). In the custody account you will find information about the companies you are invested in. The information to be shared is up to each company as they manage eAandelenregister themselves. eAandelenregister provides the opportunity to communicate general corporate information, information on ownership structure, the company’s share register, repository of company documents, etc.

With eAandelenregister’s system service for share register administration, you increase transparency and validation to the company’s investors/owners, while administration is greatly simplified. We will continuously develop the service to further simplify and facilitate entrepreneurship.

eAandelenregister offers investors

In the custody account which is received free from eAandelenregister you can get information about your company that is recorded in your share register with eAandelenregister. The custody account contains information about the number of shares you own (ordinary and others if applicable), acquisition value (if the company specified this when registering the various transactions), average cost of acquisition per share, ownership and voting rights. You can also correct your acquisition value directly in the custody account if needed. In the custody account there are also two news feeds where one only shows news from the companies that you have ownership in and the other shows news from other companies that have chosen to send out news to have custody account holders.

You can also click on each company that you are a partner in and get general information about the company, see the company’s shareholder list, share register, all implemented share transactions, who is a representative of the company and all key company documents.

If information about one of your companies is missing in the system, first contact the company in question or us at

eAandelenregister costs EURO 240 per year and company.

Share register Online

eAandelenregister provides a digital share register, available around the clock. Every limited liability company must have a share register which contains a list of all shares and shareholders. The Board of a limited liability company is responsible for keeping a share register. All changes in ownership in a share register must immediately be recorded in the company share register. A share register must be public and accessible. The information provided to eAandelenregister is only made available to the company, its owners and its other functionaries.