A predominant majority of limited liability companies in Europe are so-called “small and medium-sized companies” that annually contribute a majority of Europs’s GDP. Despite this there is little support and resources targeted at these companies to facilitate their administrative corporate governance. This is despite the fact that in many cases the requirements can be cumbersome.

The share register is the company’s most important document

One of the company’s most important documents from a corporate governance perspective is its share register, which is carefully regulated by law. For example the share register must be established as soon as the memorandum of incorporation is signed and then independently maintained even after a company’s dissolution.


This is how your share register looks after you have registered share transactions. This can be made available to your shareholders via the Internet and can also be printed.

Features for the share register in eAandelenregister

Here are some of the features that are possible with the online share register with eAandelenregister:

  • register you share register, whether it is new or already has entries in it
  • make it accessible to all owners
  • update your share register directly via the Internet
  • all shareholders can follow all transactions
  • clear shareholder list where everyone can see their own and others’ shareholdings
  • ability to print the share register
  • invite temporary external parties, such as auditors or potential investors

If you do not want to register all historical transactions in your share register but still want to digitise the process in the future this can of course be done in eAandelenregister. This is solved by registering the current version of the share register in the system in eAandelenregister followed by saving the existing share register together with the new one in eAandelenregister. This way you will fulfil the traceability requirement imposed on the share register.

Forget loose-leaf systems, keep your share register online

Most of the share registers in  small and medium-sized companies keep a loose-leaf system despite the fact that the document is very important e.g. for company sales, legal audits, tax returns, tax assessments or the auditors’ annual management review. The share register is also the receipt/document that an investor/financier receives for a completed investment in a small or medium-sized company.

With eAandelenregister’s digital share register the company can quickly and easily manage their share registers at a fixed low cost. All co-owners of registered companies with eAandelenregister are also offered a free custody account of their unlisted holdings. In the custody account the owners can see their holdings and get information about the companies.

We will continue to develop our services further so do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing some features.